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Acquisitions & Closures

Following our recent article on the Top 100 Insurtechs by Mention we thought it would be interesting to look at the number of acquisitions and closures that have taken place within the Insure-Pro 600 Dataset. 

Authors : Parmjeet Kaur & Carol Au-Young


Augmenting Insurance with AI

AI and its related technologies will in time, have a seismic impact on all parts of the value chain.

The potential for AI to augment insurance processes is significant and as this technology evolves and matures, insurers will increasingly see tangible benefits.


Read the Insure-Pro article published in the AI Journal


Parametric Insurance - 2021

Could Parametric Insurance be the solution the industry needs to plug the protection gap?

A co-authored report with Instech London.

Authors: Insure-Pro & Instech London


ChatBot - TechBrief

The first in the series of 'no jargon' reports from Insure-Pro assessing insurance technologies, their impact and tech maturity.

Hiring - Robots for low complexity, high volume tasks - Must have experience dealing with customers; low complaints ratio a must; personality a Bonus.

Authors: Parmjeet Kaur & Carol Au-Young

SOE - Floatbot.PNG

Floatbot - The Management Interview

Chatbot technology has come a long way from the simple ‘Eliza’ programs of the 1960’s. Now with Gartner predicting that over 50% of enterprise companies will spend more on this technology than on mobile app creation in 2021, we thought it was appropriate to do our first Management Interview with a player in the Conversational AI field.

We interviewed Jimmy Padia, Founder & CEO of Floatbot on Conversational AI & the Insurance Industry.


Authors: Carol Au-Young & Parmjeet Kaur


InsurTechs - Ranked by 'Mentions'

Every year Insurtech 100 Lists are published - DIA, Fintech Global, Oxbow & Sonr all release their analysis of leading InsurTech's. We decided to take a look at their composition and areas of focus. 

We used the data to compile a Top 100 list ranked by 'Mentions'. Read the full report to see who made the 'cut'  and what problems they are addressing in the insurance value chain.  


Authors: Parmjeet Kaur & Carol Au-Young


Rise and fall (and rise again) of AI

AI is being sold as the billion dollar market opportunity. Everywhere you read, we see claims that it will be the one technology that will have the biggest impact on, not only the insurance industry, but the world.

Author: Parmjeet Kaur


The Impact of COVID

Covid has impacted all aspects of our society, how has it impacted our own industry? 

Author : Carol Au-Young

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