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Your Personal AI Bot

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We know it, today, as the Virtual Assistant/Chatbot – Lemonade has Maya, Insurify has Evia. This application of AI has great potential to automate manual high cost tasks allowing insurers to focus on driving the customer experience instead of the cost base.

We can see application of this technology across the value chain from presales and post sales advice all the way to Claims. With the plethora of customer data in the market today these tools can be used to match customer preferences against market offerings giving aggregators differentiation in the market.

The current challenge though remains the ability to integrate customer data across different platforms to deliver a truly tailored Personal Bot at this stage of natural language processing.

At this stage, of the ones we have seen, we really like Babylon Health’s AI consultation bot and the UK’s Spixii bot addressing pre and post sales.

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